Criminal Law CanberraThere is a huge difference between the way the law applies in the ACT and the way it applies in other states and countries, to learn about the laws surrounding a crime in your city or state can be an important first step towards helping you to understand how the system works. If you’ve been charged with any type of criminal offence, you should always consult a lawyer that specializes in this type of defence, whether you’ve been arrested for a minor crime or have been accused of something far more serious.


The laws that apply to these crimes are different depending on what charges have been brought against you, but the general principles remain the same. It’s important to remember that the most severe offences like murder can result in a life sentence, while lesser offences that don’t involve harm are often dealt with through fines and community service. In all cases there must be some sort of evidence against you, whether that be blood DNA, or even testimony from another witness.

When you’ve been accused of a criminal offence in Canberra, it’s important to get as much information as possible regarding your rights and how you can best defend your case before the court. It’s possible to obtain this kind of information from a variety of sources, including a lawyer, the police, a legal professional, or online. It’s important to understand what rights you have and what the court may consider when deciding whether or not to allow you to plead guilty or not guilty.